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Heheheh, a new batch of photos has just been uploaded. These were from the LPLG-weekend last september. I forgot my digital camera that time. Stupid, I know.

LPLG-weekend 2007

This morning I went out with the Pheasant Group to a commemoration at the monument near Helvoirt where 6 Soldiers died on the 4th of November 1944. The Clan Lemond Pipeband played some songs and a re-enactor from the VMD played the Last Post on his bugle. A very nice ceremony. I will have one or two pictures of this when I finish this roll of film in my Leica. There’s also some more photo’s on there from the re-opening of the General Maczek Museum. All in due time.

Now to see if I can get Time Shift to run on this wretched comp!


*Listening to Old Man’s Child throug

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