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Breakfast at Omaha546 viewsOur first Breakfast of the Tour prepared in a Field Kitchen

This first bunch of photos are taken with my Canon Ixus V2.
Honor Guard498 viewsAfter a small ceremony were we gave our "act de presence", the French village provided us with some drinks and small snacks
What's the hold up?!490 viewsMr Heyworth runs up to clarify which route should be taken.
Chatting Messmates487 viewsThe location of these shots is the farmyard behind the Chateau at Vierville-sur-Mer (Omaha Beach)
Small accident476 viewsThis French driver swerved to avoid a jeep and ran into a ditch. We helped him back on his way.
Another Then-And-Now shot470 views
Heading for St George de Rouelley437 viewsThere we found a lovely little orchard waiting for us to camp in.
Pressman Verzijl417 viewsA short break after climbing up some of the nastiest hills in Normandy. We're talking low-gear 4-wheel drive hills for some of the guys

Pressman Flibble411 viewsOne of the MPs snapped this one of me. I was snapping photos of the column as it started down some sunken roads in the bocage
General Patton408 viewsOur very own General Patton inspects the camp in style in Isigny-sur-Mer. This was real bocage country, with complete lack of any sanitary facilities (unless you count cornfields as toilets)
Bring in the Heavy Stuff401 viewsThe M5 Stuarts move into the courtyard for a small photoshoot
Tank moving up the line399 viewsWe were waiting for the freshly dubbed "house-destroyer" to roll back to its position in the convoy.
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